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Early Buy Sneak Peek Spring/Summer ’18

August 14, 2017

Can you believe fall is almost here?! Get excited for pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy autumn leaves, and the best deal of the season. Starting September 1, you can book orders for spring/summer 2018 flag collections with free freight and extended dating through our Early Buy Program. Our popular Door Decor line is now included in this great promotion, and there are tons of new designs to discover. Make sure to book an appointment with your Territory Manager soon so you don’t miss out!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at some of our fabulous new items for spring and summer 2018!


Fairies Welcome Garden Flag by Mary Engelbreit (31730)


Butterflies in Check MailWrap by Jennifer Brinley (01636)


Flower Pickin’ Time Door Decor by Susan Winget (DD1668)


Peace Everywhere Standard Flag by Stephanie Burgess (91652)

Chickadee Fencepost MatMate by Susan Bourdet (11629)


Homemade Memories Garden Flag by Susan Winget (31681)


Hydrangea Beauties Yard DeSign by Sue Zipkin (71654)

Luck of the Irish Door Decor by Jennifer Heynen (DD1685)

Fresh Tulips Standard Flag by Sally Eckman Roberts (91666)

Morning Beach Ride MatMate by Suzanne Nicoll (11639)

Flamingo Gathering MailWrap by Patti Gay (01640)

Coastal Whale Garden Flag by Suzanne Nicoll (31719D)

Wheelbarrow Veggies by Susan Winget (71669)

Egg Toss Door Decor by Sally Eckman Roberts (DD1647)

Angels Keep Watch Garden Flag by Willie Green-Aldridge


Thanks for checking out some of our new spring and summer designs. Let us know in the comments if you have any favorites. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your Territory Manager to take advantage of big savings during Early Buy!


Early Buy Best-Sellers Spring/Summer 2017

October 24, 2016

Early Buy is almost over! If you’re a registered retailer, login to our website or contact your Territory manager to place an order before time runs out!

With free freight and extended dating, Early Buy is too good to pass up… and it ends on November 15th! If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find 20 of the best-selling designs so far (in no particular order). I hope this helps you get your order going, and that you and your customers enjoy all of our new products for spring and summer!


“Morning Ride” by Susan Winget

“Fancy Floral” by Jennifer Brinley

“Splash of Color” by Gail Flores

“Bunny Delight” by Lori McDonough

“Patriotic Watering Can” by Susan Winget

“Patriotic Tractor” by Susan Winget

“Baseball Season” by Susan Winget

“Hummingbird Delight” by Susan Bourdet

“St. Pat’s Shamrocks” by Bethany Shackelford

“Potted Geraniums” by Jennifer Brinley

“Easter Babies” by Susan Winget

“Garden Bouquet” by Sally Eckman Roberts

“Field of Butterflies” by Sally Eckman Roberts

“Hydrangeas” by Gail Flores

“Cardinal Beauty” by Susan Bourdet

“Pretty Pansies” by Jennifer Brinley

“Vintage Watering Can” by Sally Eckman Roberts

“Bluebonnet Dream” by Martha Collins

“Easter Beauty” by Gail Flores

“Planting Time” by Susan Winget

Like what you see? Let us know your favorite designs in the comments! If you’re registered on our website, click here to login and order Early Buy online! Happy shopping!

Early Buy Sneak Peek – Spring & Summer 2017

August 30, 2016

Can you believe it’s almost time for Spring and Summer Early Buy?! 2017 may seem far away, but with free freight and extended dating, Early Buy is the best time to buy flag collections for this upcoming Spring and Summer. Our Early Buy program is the best deal of the season, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to save big! The official kickoff is coming up on September 6th, so make sure you make an appointment with your Territory Manager and get those orders in before Early Buy ends on November 15th!

Without further ado, here is a sneak peek of what you’ll see when you receive your Early Buy catalog in the next few weeks! We hope you and your customers enjoy these beautiful designs as much as we do.

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Fancy Floral” by Jennifer Brinley

Yard DeSigns® Product Template

“Hummingbird Delight” by Susan Bourdet


“Mermaid” by Susan Winget


BreezeArt™ Standard Flag Product Template“Fresh Picked” by Sally Eckman Roberts


“Bunny Delight” by Lori McDonough

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Preppy Pineapple” by Suzanne Nicoll


“Herb Garden” by Stephanie Burgess

Yard DeSigns® Product Template

“Potted Geraniums” by Jennifer Brinley

BreezeArt™ Standard Flag Product Template

“Topiary Gate” by Mary Engelbreit


“Sweet Magnolias” by Patti Gay

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Hydrangeas” by Gail Flores


“”Big Boats” by Lori McDonough

Yard DeSigns® Product Template

“Dublin Fisted” by Sydney Wright

BreezeArt™ Standard Flag Product Template

“Spirit of Freedom” by Al Agnew


“Patriotic Tractor” by Susan Winget

Thanks for checking out some of our new Spring and Summer designs for 2017. Let us know in the comments if you have any favorites so far! 

Fall/Winter 2016 Early Buy Bestsellers

May 6, 2016

Quick! Get those Early Buy orders in before time runs out!

With free freight and extended dating, our Early Buy program is the best deal of the season, and it ends on May 15th! If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 20 of this season’s best-selling designs to help you get your order going. I hope you and your customers enjoy all of our new products for fall and winter!

Holy Family by Susan Winget (31393)

1-31393-Holy Family-Susan Winget


Woodland Santa by Susan Winget (71394)

5-71394-Woodland Santa-Susan Winget


Denim Sunflowers by Jennifer Brinley (31440)

16-31440-Denim Sunflowers-Jennifer Brinley


Red Barn Snowman by Susan Winget (11434)

2-11434-Red Barn Snowman-Susan Winget


Winter Gathering by Susan Winget (91388)

3-91388-Winter Gathering-Susan Winget


Cardinal Christmas by Diane Kater (71439)

9-71439-Cardinal Christmas-Diane Kater


Snowman Birdfeeder by Jane Shasky (91374)

8-91374-Snowman Birdfeeder-Jane Shasky


Welcome Neighbors by Susan Winget (01423)

6-01423-Welcome Neighbors-Susan Winget


Time to Rake by Jennifer Brinley (31401)

4-31401-Time to Rake-Jennifer Brinley


Autumn Gate by Sally Eckman Roberts (01414)

10-01414-Autumn Gate-Sally Eckman Roberts


Lantern Festival by Sally Eckman Roberts (11411)

12-11411-Lantern Festival-Sally Eckman Roberts


Cardinal in Snow by Hautman Brothers (71385)

13-71385-Cardinal in Snow-Hautman Brothers


Mum’s the Word by Sally Eckman Roberts (91415)

14-91415-Mum's the Word-Sally Eckman Roberts


Autumn Porch by Susan Winget (31412)

7-31412-Autumn Porch-Susan Winget


Santa Wishes by Diane Kater (11390)

15-11390-Santa Wishes-Diane Kater


Harvest Pumpkins by Martha Collins (71416)

17-71416-Harvest Pumpkins-Martha Collins


Santa’s Porch by Susan Winget (91392)

18-91392-Santa's Porch-Susan Winget


Winter Wreath by Sally Eckman Roberts (31433)

19-31433-Winter Wreath-Sally Eckman Roberts


Meeting Place by Two Can Art (11387)

20-11387-Meeting Place-Two Can Art


Old Glory Barn by Susan Winget (31420)

11-31420-Old Glory Barn-Susan Winget


Like what you see? Let us know your favorite designs in the comments! Registered retailers can login and order Early Buy online now! Click here. Happy shopping!

Fall Winter 2016 Early Buy Sneak Peek

February 18, 2016

Early Buy is going to start earlier than ever before and it’s approaching fast. This year, Early Buy will start on March 1st and end on May 15th. With free freight and extended dating, it’s the best deal of the season. But don’t take our word for it – read a few testimonials from retailers across the country:

“Early Buy keeps me from procrastinating. I sell more because I get my product in early, and reorder more. Win-win for all of us.”
-Pam L., A Home-Garden Shop

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Meeting Place” by Two Can Art [31387]

“I love the Early Buy program – it is always exciting to see the new designs. Plus, the ability to have multiple ship dates, dating, and free freight also secures my success with the product. As a business owner, I often get wrapped up in the day-to-day responsibilities and forget to order things we need. This program makes my job easier because I can financially and logistically preplan for the seasonal/holiday-specific inventory. And it always arrives right on time, just when I need it!”
-Pamela S., Cattail Cottage

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Santa Wishes” by Diane Kater [31390]

“I love to take advantage of the Studio M Early Buy promotion. I appreciate the opportunity to get additional terms. Doing this early in the season helps me manage my time better. I can take my time, get my order done, and then not have to rush when my other vendors’ deadlines come due. It also gives me an opportunity to see trends and designs that I might be incorporating in themes for my stores. Thanks Studio M!” -Claire D., Lynn’s Hallmark


Now that you’ve heard what’s so great about Early Buy, let’s check out some of the new designs! We’ve picked out some of our favorites for you to see.


Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Santa Says” by Victoria Hutto [31395]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Time to Rake” by Jennifer Brinley [31401]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Thankful” by Two Can Art [31404]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Autumn Gate” by Sally Eckman Roberts [31414]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Touchdown” by Lori McDonough [31417]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Old Glory Barn” by Susan Winget [31420]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Proud Turkey” by Gail Flores [31419]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Baby It’s Cold” by Lori McDonough [31422]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Snowman Whimsy” by Denise Urban [31435]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Think Pink” by Lori McDonough [31437]
All proceeds benefit Siteman Cancer Center.

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Cardinal Christmas” by Diane Kater [31439]

Actual size template for product layout. "M-logo" can be repositioned but NOT resized. Document size includes bleed on all sides—a bleed mask layer simulates trim size.

“Jolly Santa” by Mary Engelbreit [31441]

Thanks for taking some time to preview this special sample of our new flag collection designs for Fall & Winter 2016! We hope you’re as excited for Early Buy as we are :) Let us know what your favorite designs are in the comments!


Spring-Summer 2015 Early Buy Sneak Peek

September 30, 2014

Believe it or not, Early Buy season is right around the corner! Our Spring and Summer designs for 2015 are bursting with bright, bold colors. Here’s what’s new:

  • 57 new classic collections
  • A new “Pink Ribbon” design to benefit Siteman Cancer Center
  • A new “Shop Local” design with the option of customizing the garden flag and MatMate
  • Our brand new “Pet Personalities” line
  • 3 new Yard DeSign collections
  • and 3 new monogram designs!

Scroll through our Spring-Summer 2015 sneak preview and let us know which items you’re most excited about!

"Garden Boots" by Susan Winget SKU: 11104

“Garden Boots” by Susan Winget SKU: 11104

"Blue Hydrangea" by Gail Flores SKU: 91078

“Blue Hydrangea” by Gail Flores SKU: 91078

"Geraniums and Checks" by Sally Eckman Roberts SKU: 71191

“Geraniums and Checks” by Sally Eckman Roberts SKU: 71191

"Plant Happiness" by Stephanie Burgess SKU: 31121

“Plant Happiness” by Stephanie Burgess SKU: 31121

"Cardinal Perch" by Susan Bourdet SKU: 91127

“Cardinal Perch” by Susan Bourdet SKU: 91127

"Be Mine Birds" by Sydney Wright SKU: 01122

“Be Mine Birds” by Sydney Wright SKU: 01122

"Get Your Irish On" by Ellen Krans SKU: 31081

“Get Your Irish On” by Ellen Krans SKU: 31081

"Bunny and Chick" by Victoria Hutto SKU: 11082

“Bunny and Chick” by Victoria Hutto SKU: 11082

"Easter Blessings" by Susan Winget SKU: 91098

“Easter Blessings” by Susan Winget SKU: 91098

"Watermelon Welcome" by Patty Finnigan SKU: 31091

“Watermelon Welcome” by Patty Finnigan SKU: 31091

"God Bless America" by Lorilynn Simms SKU: 71075

“God Bless America” by Lorilynn Simms SKU: 71075

"Bird Homestead" by Bernadette Deming SKU: 01113

“Bird Homestead” by Bernadette Deming SKU: 01113


All net profits from the sale of our new “Pink Ribbon” collection will go directly to Siteman Cancer Center to support breast health outreach programs for under-served women, including screening, mammography, and other life-saving breast diagnostic services. Help us give back and aid these breast cancer prevention efforts! Read more about our Give Back Program here:

"Pink Ribbon" by Tara Reed SKU: 91133

“Pink Ribbon” by Tara Reed SKU: 91133


Encourage people in your community to join the “Shop Local” movement with this new collection by artist Holli Conger! You may choose to customize the garden flag and/or MatMate of this design with the name of your city or state. Check out some examples below!


Next up is a preview of a few items from our new Pet Personalities line! Artist Ursula Dodge perfectly captures each animal’s personality both in her artwork and in the characteristics she includes with each breed’s portrait. There are 17 dog designs and one cat design in this adorable new collection!


This season, Yard DeSigns became much more than just decorative address signs. We created three special collections of Yard DeSigns and coordinating welcome MatMates that offer creative ways to make a statement. Shown below is the Geo Greeting collection by artist Ana Davis!


That’s all we can show you for now, but Early Buy catalogs will be arriving soon so get ready to save big on spring and summer products for 2015! Let us know which new designs are your favorites in the comments below! Thanks for reading :)

Retail Display and Merchandising Tips

April 7, 2014

Our Fall/Winter 2014 catalog is now shipping! This book is chock-full of easy, affordable merchandising ideas that will intrigue and interest your customers. Read on to see some photos from this catalog that will help you get display-inspired, but get creative and cater these ideas to fit your store. As a specialty retailer, you have something to offer customers that they can’t find anywhere else, so show it off in a way that no one else does!


Don’t be intimidated by creating a display – it can be a lot of fun if you have everything you need and a plan to make it happen. Before you jump into setting up a display, take time to think about props you have that you may want to use and/or materials you may need to buy. If you’re organized, set up will be quick and easy! Some essentials we used were: twine/rope, raffia, dowel rods, clothespins, seasonal decor items, and lots of plants.

A display doesn’t have to take hours to put together to be effective. Keep it simple and it will be easier for customers to shop – like this BreezeArt garden flag display we put together using an old ladder, rope, dowel rods, and twine. This is a great way to show off a variety of designs, and you can easily freshen up the display by switching out the flags!

Flags over ladder

Items Pictured: 31043, 31013, 31073, 31029, 31016, 31056, 31037, 31031

Another easy way to set up a display is to show how different products that you carry coordinate. Telling the whole story makes it easy for shoppers to see how the items fit together in a collection and will likely increase sales. We really made a statement with this collection by Susan Winget – and we even added some DrinkBlots art coasters to the display! [We used straight pins to secure coasters around a styrofoam circle to make this DrinkBlots wreath… it was so easy!]

Bringing Home the Tree V1_adjusted

Items Pictured: 91010, 01010, 31010, 11010, 71010, and DB11375

Make shopping a breeze for your customers by providing a variety of “gift-to-go” options. In the display pictured below, we pulled related products together to create an ultra-giftable item. For example, we rolled up our “Kitchen Rules” MatMate and tied it together with a wooden spoon and measuring cups – a perfect housewarming present or gift for someone who loves to cook! We used our “Love to Garden” MatMate to create a gift for a gardener, complete with a hand trowel, gloves, and seed packet. Our “Wine” MatMate makes for a perfect hostess gift when paired with a corkscrew and a bottle of wine. Whichever MatMate you choose to roll up as a gift-to-go, make sure you show it flat as well, so shoppers can see the entire design.

Gift 2 Go

Items Pictured: 12085D, 12061D, 12088D, 15016D, 11064D, 12073D

A great way to get your customers’ attention is to show off products in an unexpected way. We used MatMates and BreezeArt flags to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind table setting. This was so much fun to play with! Since we were shooting at a nursery/greenhouse (Bowood Farms), we created a rustic-themed setting with a garden twist. We wanted to reflect the store’s personality and use items they sell instead of setting the table with traditional dishes, placemats, etc. Clay saucers stood in as dinner and salad plates, MatMates became placemats, and air plants made the perfect garnish. We accented the table with natural items like pinecones, succulents, and tree slices. To give the display some height, we rolled up MatMates to place on the windows that hung above the table.  This unconventional display is sure to interest customers and is a fun way for them to shop for items that would otherwise be hanging on a rack!

Give Thanks Table

Items Pictured: 11068D, 11033, 11005, 31026, 90400, 31059M

Give Thanks Tight V1

Items Pictured: 31026, 90400, 31059M, 11033

Window displays are the perfect place to show off the unique products you offer in your store. The one we put together was so simple – we  just hung two long pieces of rope behind the window and clipped on our “Fall Follies” monogram flags with clothespins! To complete the display, we flew our “Maize” standard flag and filled the bench in front of the store window with other products offered inside, like garden tools, MatMates, and succulents.

Give Thanks Window

Items Pictured: 91020, 91003, 31059, 11068D, 11033, 11005

With our Halloween window display, we chose one standard flag as the centerpiece and hung smaller garden flags to complement it. To make a ghost, we blew up a white balloon and covered it with a white drop cloth, cinching the fabric at the base of the balloon to create the “neck.” This could also easily be done with a white sheet or any other white fabric you might have laying around. To finish, we added some color to the base of the window display with faux leaves and pumpkins.

Hall Window With Ghost

Items Pictured: 31005, 31046, 31044, 91055, 31045, 31036, 31027

Last, but certainly not least, we created an Open House display. If you do not usually have an Open House at your store, you may want to consider it! Hosting an event like this is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers and create relationships with newcomers, not to mention it’s a great way to boost sales! Invite customers to enjoy a day (or night!) of fun games, yummy treats, live music… do whatever works best for your store. Get connected with shoppers by setting out a guestbook where they can signup to receive emails and promotions from you. Be sure to offer special discounts and deals to those who attend! For this display we set up a hot chocolate, cupcake, and candy bar complete with a winter themed mini garden in a large glass container. Our “Letters From Santa” monogram flags added a nice touch of color to the front of the table and were a great way to tie in the coordinating MatMate on the tabletop. This welcoming setup is a fun way to show off products while customers snack on delicious sweets!

Open House

Items Pictured: 01041, 01010, 31038, 90400, 11058, 31058

Open House Tight

Items Pictured: 31038, 90400, 11058

I hope these photos and merchandising tips were a source of inspiration and will help you set up creative displays of your own! Thanks for reading!

Have any tips of your own that you’d like to share? Which one of our displays did you like the best? Let us know in the comments!

Introducing New Designs for Fall/Winter 2014!

April 3, 2014

Alright early birds, it’s time to take a peek at what’s new for Fall & Winter 2014! Our Early Buy program runs from now until June 5th, so start making your shopping lists… you won’t want to miss out on free freight & extended dating!

Check out what’s new:

  • 51 seasonal collections
  • 18 Yard DeSigns
  • 2 seasonal monogram designs
  • 21 oversize MailWraps
  • 12 Print On Demand MatMates
  • 1 cause-related flag
  • and 3 special collections just for retailers!

We are so excited to offer three new designs that were created with our specialty retailers in mind. These 3-piece collections offer a unique, eye-catching way to invite customers into your store. Each design is available in a standard flag, garden flag, and MatMate.

One of this season’s new flags hits very close to home for a lot of us here at Magnet Works, and surely for many around the world. Our “Cure Them All” flag was designed as a symbol of hope, encouragement, and support for all those affected by cancer. All proceeds from the sale of this flag will be donated to the Discovery Fund at Siteman Cancer Center. To find out more visit

"Cure Them All" SKU: 31060

“Cure Them All” by Chrissie Grace SKU: 31060

In this catalog you’ll also see a lot of designs with traditional holiday themes. These beautiful, tried-and-true classics are sure to be among your customers’ favorites! Check out some of our new Fall & Winter designs below.

"If the Shoe Fits" by Sally Eckman Roberts SKU: 71055

“If the Shoe Fits” by Sally Eckman Roberts SKU: 71055

"Vintage Harvest" by Jennifer Brinley SKU: 31053

“Vintage Harvest” by Jennifer Brinley SKU: 31053

"Autumn Bouquet" by Gail Flores SKU: 71036

“Autumn Bouquet” by Gail Flores SKU: 71036

"Give Thanks Turkey" by Elena Vladykina SKU: 91026

“Give Thanks Turkey” by Elena Vladykina SKU: 91026

"Holly Birds" by Lisa Hilliker SKU: 01007

“Holly Birds” by Lisa Hilliker SKU: 01007

"Sleigh Stop" by Martha Collins SKU: 11018

“Sleigh Stop” by Martha Collins SKU: 11018

"Christmas Poinsettias" by Gail Flores SKU: 71043

“Christmas Poinsettias” by Gail Flores SKU: 71043

"Christmas Cards" by Susan Winget SKU: 91041

“Christmas Cards” by Susan Winget SKU: 91041

"Fa La La" by Lee Calderon SKU: 11062D

“Fa La La” by Lee Calderon SKU: 11062D

"Bearing Gifts" by Susan Winget SKU: 31048

“Bearing Gifts” by Susan Winget SKU: 31048

"Home for the Holidays" by Sally Eckman Roberts SKU: 71032

“Home for the Holidays” by Sally Eckman Roberts SKU: 71032

Don’t forget to stock up on our new seasonal monogram designs! Our “Letters from Santa” garden flags by Maria Garbagnati feature an adorable Santa Claus in a different pose for each letter, and our “Fall Follies” collection by Lynn Morris is the perfect design for autumn with its warm hues and playful polka dots!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our new designs and that this blog post will help you start planning for your Early Buy orders! Printed catalogs are on their way, but retailers can login now to shop the new Fall/Winter designs online. While you’re flipping through the book, keep an eye out for retail tips and merchandising ideas :)

Let us know in the comments below which designs you think will be your customers’ favorites! (And which ones you like best, too!) Thanks for reading!

Top 15 Early Buy Best Sellers

November 25, 2013

Having trouble deciding which Spring & Summer items to stock up on during this year’s Early Buy? We’ve put together a list of our 15 best-selling designs so far to help you out! The holiday rush is fast approaching, so take some time (while you have it!) to login to our website, browse the eCatalog, and place your order. Remember, Early Buy ends December 6th!

Hummingbird Heaven BreezeArt Garden Flag by Susan Bourdet

“Hummingbird Heaven” by Susan Bourdet
SKU: 32012

Easter Bunnies MailWrap by Susan Winget

“Easter Bunnies” by Susan Winget
SKU: 02041

Patriotic Pail BreezeArt Standard Flag by Susan Winget

“Patriotic Pail” by Susan Winget
SKU: 92039

Blossom Buckets MatMate by Sally Eckman Roberts

“Blossom Buckets” by Sally Eckman Roberts
SKU: 11752

Garden Welcome MailWrap by Stephanie Burgess

“Garden Welcome” by Stephanie Burgess
SKU: 02008

Valentine Hearts MatMate by Victoria Hutto

“Valentine Hearts” by Victoria Hutto
SKU: 12023

Bunny Wanna Be BreezeArt Garden Flag by Victoria Hutto

“Bunny Wanna Be” by Victoria Hutto
SKU: 32005

Easter Lily BreezeArt Standard Flag by Gail Flores

“Easter Lily” by Gail Flores
SKU: 92042

Who Loves You? MailWrap by Scott Church

“Who Loves You?” by Scott Church
SKU: 02022

Get Lucky MatMate by Scott Church

“Get Lucky” by Scott Church
SKU: 12010

Irish Jig BreezeArt Garden Flag by Lorilynn Simms

“Irish Jig” by Lorilynn Simms
SKU: 32013

Scoops of Summer BreezeArt Standard Flag by Jennifer Brinley

“Scoops of Summer” by Jennifer Brinley
SKU: 92040

Making Friends MailWrap by Robbin Rawlings

“Making Friends” by Robbin Rawlings
SKU: 02017

Rose Cottage Wrens BreezeArt Garden Flag by Susan Bourdet

“Rose Cottage Wrens” by Susan Bourdet
SKU: 32018

Gypsy Garden MatMate by Genevieve Gail

“Gypsy Garden” by Genevieve Gail
SKU: 12101

There are so many fantastic designs to choose from! I hope this Top 15 list makes your shopping just a little bit easier :) If you’re one of our retailers and you’d like to place an order, click here to login and shop! Happy Early Buy, everyone! Let us know in the comments which designs are your favorites, or ones you think will be your customers’ favorites!

Artist Feature: Robin Pickens

October 29, 2013

Robin_Outside Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with one of Magnet Works’ & Studio M’s newest artists, Robin Pickens. It was so fun to get to know the woman behind some of the beautiful new Localization designs we have.

As you read through the interview you’ll get a peek at some of Robin’s work that will start shipping in January 2014! Enjoy :)


-Tell me a little bit about your background. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Michigan. My dad was an automotive designer for Chrysler Motors for over 25 years and my mom was originally a teacher and then later became a paralegal but she was also very creative. She did lots of silk screening, drawings, paintings, sewing, contemporary quilting, and crafting. Both of my parents were very artistic and creative. When I grew up we went to a lot of art museums and art was something that was always really encouraged in our house. That was a really huge influence on me.

Pelican Cove

“Pelican Cove” (Shown Localized)

Did you study art in college?

I went to the University of Michigan School of Art where I got a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, concentrating in graphic design and industrial design. When I was in college I did an internship at a television station. I never really intended to get into television work, but after graduation I moved to Chicago, and since I already had some experience in the broadcast industry, I was able to get a job right away at one of the television stations. I did graphics for the news for local stations, for ABC, CBS, and then Fox in Chicago. Later, I moved to Los Angeles to be the Art Director at KCBS, and then I ran the graphics department at TelePictures Productions, a division of Warner Bros. My department worked on the Rosie O’Donnell Show, Extra, Jenny Jones, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, among other shows. My years doing design and animation in television taught me to do lots of creative brainstorming on tight time deadlines. Also, we needed to create designs with great impact that would be noticed in a short amount of consumer attention time. There was a lot of variety and many good projects, but I wanted to be doing something that was more personal to me, more about connections with others, creating a beautiful home, and adding beauty to people’s lives.


“Patriot” (Shown Localized)

-Was it hard to take the leap from the corporate world to a more personal career as an artist?

There’s certainly a whole element of starting over. That part is kind of tough, but I really felt like I was ready to be branching into other things. I had done television work for so many years. Now, when I’m working on projects – let’s say for licensing – it’s just more personal. I’m designing for something I would want to have in my home or something I would design for a friend or family member. I never have problems getting started each day on my work because I really want to sit down and do what I’m doing. I have a high desire to do this. It is definitely a passion for me so that is worth the effort required to make the change.

-What advice would you give to artists who are new to the licensing industry?

Really work on developing your own style. Sometimes people see something out in the marketplace and they’re quick to try and adopt that style. I think it’s really important for people to have their own style that really distinguishes themselves. Sometimes it’s a little bit hard to follow your own path when it seems like everyone else is doing something different. And I think, too, that it’s important to not get discouraged by a rejection. A lot of times it’s not that people didn’t like your work, it just might not have been what they needed at that particular time. So really just to have a lot of perseverance – to just keep going and not get discouraged. I think it’s also important to continue to keep learning new things and to try to have some fun with your work. Look for the opportunities where you can be a little bit looser with things, experiment, and try out something new. Sometimes experiments flop, but sometimes they work! You just have to keep doing it. Every time I work with a manufacturer in a different industry there are more things to learn. I think as I’ve been working, I’ve been getting smarter about how I create artwork so that I can work with different industries. So I would tell other artists to try not to be too locked into a particular format or size. Try to work a little differently and don’t put too many boundaries on it.

Woodland Deer

“Woodland Deer” (Shown Localized)

-What is your biggest challenge as an artist?

Probably having enough hours in the day to really do all the things I want to do. I have a lot more ideas in my head than what I actually have time to do. And I think the other challenge for me is keeping up with wearing all the different hats that I have to. There’s a learning curve with social media, a learning curve with your website, and a learning curve with new software that comes out. It seems like technology changes so rapidly that probably the biggest challenge I face is how to fit enough creative time in while learning all this new technology so that I’m staying current and relevant. It’s just a practical consideration. You’ve got to keep learning. If Adobe comes out with new software in Photoshop, you need to learn it. I just have to keep in mind that everyone who has done great things has all had the same number of hours in the day as I have.

-Tell me about your typical day.

I have kids, so it starts early, at 5:45 when my alarm goes off. After getting the kids to school, I usually get right to work. I have two studios – one that’s in my home and one that’s in a neighboring town. I work in both locations depending on what I am working on. I do different things at different locations – I might do more computer work at one and more drawing at the other. I try to maximize the time in the early part of the day because once I get my kids later in the day the work becomes very scattered. I’m sure there are other moms that juggle the same things I do, like helping with homework and activities like band practice, ballet, Girl Scouts, and music lessons. I have a laptop that goes with me most afternoons and evenings. So I pretty much utilize all my time. When I’m waiting for the kids while they have lessons or are doing some other activities I’m usually drawing or working on the laptop or something.

"Fishing" (Shown Without Localization)


-What type of music do you listen to while you create?

I actually don’t listen to very much music while I create. Sometimes I’ll catch up on some TV on my iPad while I’m creating, but I find that it actually kind of distracts me. I used to listen to music while I worked but I think because life is so full… with the kids and all the other things going on… I actually just really like the quietness of being in my office without a lot of sound around. That might be so vanilla and bland of an answer but there’s something so beautiful about the quiet.

-What is your studio like? What do you surround yourself with?

In my studio I have samples of things that I’ve worked on and I have lots of books and magazines. I love getting home décor magazines. They’re always really inspiring to me. I especially like to get some of the European ones like Elle Décor or Livingetc. Sometimes I’ll frame some of the images I find. The paint color in here is sort of a light, warm gray on three walls and then a really pale blue on the fourth. That way all the colors of my work and other things I have on the walls have a neutral backdrop to stand out against. I have some white magnet boards where I might put up whatever’s inspiring at the time. I’ve got some color charts from Spoonflower and my Pantone books. There’s a lot of counter space in my studio because I tend to pile things up. I can never have enough table space. And I have an eclectic mixture of dog crates for my wonderful dogs, and my son’s drum set in my studio, so I guess that would be the music that I listen to… I do have a number of pairs of earplugs! But it’s definitely a pleasure to hear him practice.

-Do you have a favorite place to work other than your studio?

I did just recently start working at a Starbucks that’s near where I take my daughter to some of her scouting meetings. It’s really nice because it’s this lovely environment – you can get a cup of coffee and get to work. There’s nothing else to distract me. I used to always go into Starbucks and I’d see people working on their laptops and now I guess I’m one of them! It’s very calm and serene.

"Flip Flops Forever" (Shown Localized)

“Flip Flops Forever” (Shown Localized)

-What is your favorite vacation spot/place you’ve traveled?

We went to Portland about a year and a half ago and we loved it. It was beautiful. The kids had a great time there. We do go to Florida a lot because we have family there, but we try to do extra little trips so that we see something different every time; this last time we went to Hilton Head, Savannah and Atlanta. I also have family in the Chicago area and in Washington, D.C. A lot of our trips have really been about going to see family but we also try to do a little more sight-seeing while we’re in those places because we’re from the west coast. The kids get really excited if they get to go when it’s wintertime and see some snow. We like to see all the regional differences when we travel; even with the beaches and the coasts it’s a different feeling on the east than it is on the west.

-What is your biggest inspiration?

I get really inspired by my travels. Usually on vacations I will try to make a point of seeing things that are really native to the area or aspects of nature that I don’t necessarily get to see in California. I also like to look for the differences in the architecture. We might go to Santa Barbara and I really want to check out the different Mexican ceramic tile and the Spanish-style buildings. I really enjoyed visiting Savannah, GA because the architecture there was really different. There was a lot of wrought iron everywhere, and the brick streets were beautiful; the buildings there just have so much history. And even the differences in the trees – the Spanish moss hanging from huge oak trees. That’s so much different than anything I’d see in California. And those differences in nature and architecture usually do become part of my work. A lot of the things I do for calendars will reflect some of the different places that we’ve been.

"Enjoy the Ride" (Shown Localized)

“Enjoy the Ride” (Shown Localized)

-Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve done?

I don’t think I have a favorite. I’ll really like something for a while – I’ll be sort of in love with it and I’ll put it up in my studio – but then I get tired of it and I need to see something new. If I had to pick a favorite, it might be the illustrations I did for a children’s book when I first started to change direction on my work. I loved the illustrations because they were a significant part of developing my own style and in following my heart for work.

-Who is your favorite artist?

When I was a kid growing up my mom was really a big fan of Charles Harper and I’ve always really enjoyed his work. He’s done a lot of graphic representations of animals in nature – really modern, beautiful forms and striking color combinations. I think he was really influential because my mom always had a number of his posters and prints around the house.

-How would you describe your style?

I think it’s kind of tough because I have multiple styles. I would say the thing that’s probably most consistent in my work is that it’s really colorful. I really like a lot of color. We have kind of a 1963 modern style house that we’ve done a lot of renovation on, and my parents had a modern style in furniture and decorating when I was growing up. So I have a very graphic design, clean, modern style, but then I also have a little bit more illustrative and colorful style. I wouldn’t necessarily call it traditional I would call it transitional. And then sometimes I’ll do things that are a little bit looser and sketchier, and might feel a little more retro. Mostly it is colorful and is frequently nature-inspired.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Artist Features!

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