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Virtual Showroom Tour

January 31, 2019

Winter show season has come to a close, and we’re so excited to start shipping out all of our exciting new launches in the next few weeks! As always, it was wonderful to connect with many of our retailers and see how the holiday season went. Show traffic seemed to be up and everyone was on the hunt for new and unique lines.

With hundreds of new items ranging from garden and home décor to fashion accessories and wall art, we couldn’t wait to debut our new collections for spring and summer. We really made an effort to broaden our offering this year, and it seemed that everyone was pleasantly surprised to find funny, fresh products in a variety of categories they wouldn’t usually expect from Studio M. Nature-inspired scarves and totes… trinket dishes and coffee mugs with witty one-liners… our must-have new items were stealing the show. See for yourself – shop what’s new.

If you couldn’t make it to market or just want to take a second look at all of our exciting new launches, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Atlanta showroom tour with Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine in the video below! Studio M’s owner, Curt Todd, takes Lenise Willis from Gifts & Dec through our space in The Gardens to highlight a handful of our most exciting new collections. Join them for a virtual tour!

Thanks so much for reading and watching! We hope you and your customers enjoy our new lines as much as we do. Let us know in the comments what some of your favorites are!

Early Buy Sneak Peek – Fall/Winter ’18

February 19, 2018

Want to make stocking up for fall and winter 2018 a breeze? Shop Early Buy to save time, money, and to lessen your stress during the busy Christmas season. For years, Early Buy has been our retailers’ secret to success. Get all your orders placed ahead of time and have them arrive just when you need them so you’re always stocked and ready for the coming holiday or season. With free freight and extended dating, you can’t afford to miss out!

Early Buy starts March 1st – make an appointment today!

We’ve hand-picked a few of our favorite new designs for a special Early Buy preview. Check them out below and let us know in the comments which ones you can’t wait to have in your store!

Whimsical Sunflower Door Décor by Jennifer Heynen (DD1767)


Neutral Pumpkins Standard Flag by Martha Collins (91757)


Vibrant Autumn Mix Yard DeSign by Jennifer Brinley (71754)

Pilgrim Thanksgiving MatMate by LoriLynn Simms (11800)


Pretty Reflection MailWrap by Susan Bourdet (01769)


Spiders and Bats Garden Flag by Lori Siebert (31797)


Farmhouse Sunflower Yard DeSign by Tim Coffey (71753)


Black & White Check Monogram Door Décor by Studio M (DD1791M)

Bringing Home the Puppies Standard Flag by Susan Winget (91779)

Homespun Christmas MatMate by Jennifer Brinley (11774)

Winter Pals MailWrap by Tim Bowers (01806)


Believe in Santa Garden Flag by Sally Eckman Roberts (31781)


Pretty Poinsettia Yard DeSign by Martha Collins (71777)


Peace on Earth Door Décor by Stephanie Burgess (DD1786)


Thanks for checking out some of our exciting new Fall & Winter Early Buy designs for 2018! We hope you and your customers enjoy them. Don’t forget to make an appointment with your Territory Manager and get those orders in!

Artist Feature: Stephanie Ryan

January 28, 2014

It’s time for our first Artist Feature of 2014!


Meet Stephanie Ryan, January’s Feature Artist and the woman behind Studio M’s brand new Fleur collection. This line is so much fun! It blends classic, floral watercolors with a bohemian mix of patterns. Each of Stephanie’s pieces tells a story, as if it were one-of-a-kind. Teacup birdfeeders. Spoon plant stakes. Wine bottle luminaries. Nothing is what you’d expect. Fleur is a joyful curation of tabletop and home décor elements that make every day feel like a celebration!

Read on to get to know more about Stephanie & see some of her new Studio M products!


Fleur by Stephanie Ryan

Do you work from life, photographs, or your imagination?
I mainly work from my imagination. When painting my flowers I let my intuition guide my brush and the shapes of the flowers start to appear. It is a pretty wonderful process.

How do you spend your Sundays?
My Sundays are like any other day. I work from home, so all of my days blend together. My days are mainly spent on my business. I feel blessed to be a working artist – my creative life is my work life and they blend together in the most beautiful ways.

Fleur Spoon Plant Stakes

Fleur Spoon Plant Stakes

What are your three favorite foods?
Oh…any kind of soup or stew, pizza and mashed potatoes. Clearly, I go for the comfort foods.

Are you obsessed with any one fashion item?
No, I’m more obsessed with techy things. Although, I do love boots.

What scent brings you back to your childhood?
Ocean breezes remind me of our family vacations at the Jersey Shore.


Fleur Candle Holders

What are three words that best describe this product line?
Pretty, happy and uplifting.

What are three words that best describe you?
Hmmm, just three words! Let’s see, I am nurturer, encourager and cultivator of the soul.

Is there a creative mind that inspires you?
I love the art of Georgia O’Keeffe, she was so brave, bold and strong. I love the lyrics of Deb Talan.


Fleur Pendant Chandelier

Do you listen to music when you create?
Yes, sometimes. Sometimes it is still and quiet. I love listening to Deb Talan, Brandi Carlile, Birdy, and Stevie Nicks.

Do you start with a sketch, paint, or a broad idea?
I never know what is going to come out! When I do plan, it is pretty broad.

What’s your favorite thing about your studio?
I recently re-designed my studio so, there are many things that I love about it. I think my favorite thing is the neutral colors that are so peaceful and uplifting especially during the day when the room is flooded in light. I smile every day when I walk into my studio.


Fleur Wall Vases with Hooks

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of the new Fleur collection in the comments! 

To see the full Fleur collection, visit our Studio M website:

To learn more about Stephanie & her work, visit her website:

Artist Feature: Tammy Smith

December 26, 2013

TammySmithDecember’s feature artist is the very talented Tammy Smith.

Her brand new Studio M collection, Patina, will be released in January, so we thought you’d like to get to know her a little bit better! Tammy’s ability to give character and life to a simple piece of wire is truly remarkable. Her handcrafted collection is full of beautifully unique home and garden décor that we can’t wait for everyone to see.

There are a few sneak peeks of the collection throughout the interview… we hope you enjoy!

Do you work from life, photographs, or your imagination?
Mostly my imagination, but once in awhile, I’ll need to reference a photo just to get started.

Tell us about your family! Any pets?
I have a husband and son who are both musicians. My son is graduating this year from high school, so we’ll probably be empty nesters next year… although that seems really weird to think about right now! And we have a Springer Spaniel named Lucky and a cat named Gary. My pets are both black-and-white, so people always comment on the fact that we have matching pets (and since we got them both the same day, that wasn’t a complete coincidence.)


Patina Drum Shade Chandelier

How do you spend your Sundays?
Sunday is my day off from working out, so I feel like I have more free time that day. Usually the day starts with something “bad” for breakfast, like cinnamon rolls, and we love watching CBS Sunday Morning. Then, I go to work in my studio–I tend to be always in the middle of an art project or assignment of some sort, and Sunday is no exception. Later in the day, we might visit one of our parents or take our time making something nice for dinner.

What are your three favorite foods?
Ice cream, ice cream, and then there’s ice cream…but seriously, if I had to add two more things it would be guacamole and cookies, not together of course!  (And that’s the reason I have to work out 6 days a week:)

Are you obsessed with any one fashion item? (shoes, purses…)
My obsession is with coats or jackets. I love vintage coats, and I even have a black, boiled wool midi/maxi coat from the 70s. I could have a different jacket for each day of the week and not mind it at all. Only problem would be fitting them in my closet!

Patina Birdhouse Baskets

Patina Birdhouse Baskets

What scent brings you back to your childhood?
What a great question that is…hmmm, I think it would be the smell of cookies baking because my mom was always making them. That’s probably who I inherited my sweet tooth from.

What are three words that best describe your Patina Collection?
Textural, whimsical, colorful.

What are three words that best describe you?
Introverted extrovert, LOLer, dancer wannabe.

Is there a creative mind that inspires you? (artist, writer, poet…)
One of my faves is Maxine Sutton, along with anyone who is in the St. Jude’s Gallery. They’re all amazing printmakers, seamstresses, artists, and makers.

Do you listen to music when you create? If so, what?
I listen to a mix of several Pandora stations with artists like Jakob Dylan, Broken Anchor, or Van Morrison. I also like listening to This American Life with Ira Glass.

Patina Garden Sculpture

Patina Garden Sculpture

Do you start with a sketch, paint, or a broad idea?
I start with a sketch and a broad idea, then usually can’t stop myself from doing a whole line plan of pieces or products. I LOVE creating coordinating ideas around a theme.

What’s your favorite thing about your studio?
I have two favorite things because I just remodeled my studio, and now I have a giant worktable and a seating nook. We took out a closet, made it a nook, and I bought these 2 fantastic velvet Hollywood Regency chairs and reupholstered them for the nook. So I’m no longer going to work in my studio, I’m just going to sit in one of those chairs all day.

Patina Hanging Baskets

Patina Hanging Baskets

Thanks for reading :) Let us know in the comments which piece is your favorite!  Also, check out Tammy’s DrinkBlots coaster deck here

To see more of what’s coming in January from Studio M, click here.

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