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Early Buy Sneak Peek Spring/Summer ’18

August 14, 2017

Can you believe fall is almost here?! Get excited for pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy autumn leaves, and the best deal of the season. Starting September 1, you can book orders for spring/summer 2018 flag collections with free freight and extended dating through our Early Buy Program. Our popular Door Decor line is now included in this great promotion, and there are tons of new designs to discover. Make sure to book an appointment with your Territory Manager soon so you don’t miss out!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at some of our fabulous new items for spring and summer 2018!


Fairies Welcome Garden Flag by Mary Engelbreit (31730)


Butterflies in Check MailWrap by Jennifer Brinley (01636)


Flower Pickin’ Time Door Decor by Susan Winget (DD1668)


Peace Everywhere Standard Flag by Stephanie Burgess (91652)

Chickadee Fencepost MatMate by Susan Bourdet (11629)


Homemade Memories Garden Flag by Susan Winget (31681)


Hydrangea Beauties Yard DeSign by Sue Zipkin (71654)

Luck of the Irish Door Decor by Jennifer Heynen (DD1685)

Fresh Tulips Standard Flag by Sally Eckman Roberts (91666)

Morning Beach Ride MatMate by Suzanne Nicoll (11639)

Flamingo Gathering MailWrap by Patti Gay (01640)

Coastal Whale Garden Flag by Suzanne Nicoll (31719D)

Wheelbarrow Veggies by Susan Winget (71669)

Egg Toss Door Decor by Sally Eckman Roberts (DD1647)

Angels Keep Watch Garden Flag by Willie Green-Aldridge


Thanks for checking out some of our new spring and summer designs. Let us know in the comments if you have any favorites. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your Territory Manager to take advantage of big savings during Early Buy!


Early Buy Best-Sellers Spring/Summer 2017

October 24, 2016

Early Buy is almost over! If you’re a registered retailer, login to our website or contact your Territory manager to place an order before time runs out!

With free freight and extended dating, Early Buy is too good to pass up… and it ends on November 15th! If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find 20 of the best-selling designs so far (in no particular order). I hope this helps you get your order going, and that you and your customers enjoy all of our new products for spring and summer!


“Morning Ride” by Susan Winget

“Fancy Floral” by Jennifer Brinley

“Splash of Color” by Gail Flores

“Bunny Delight” by Lori McDonough

“Patriotic Watering Can” by Susan Winget

“Patriotic Tractor” by Susan Winget

“Baseball Season” by Susan Winget

“Hummingbird Delight” by Susan Bourdet

“St. Pat’s Shamrocks” by Bethany Shackelford

“Potted Geraniums” by Jennifer Brinley

“Easter Babies” by Susan Winget

“Garden Bouquet” by Sally Eckman Roberts

“Field of Butterflies” by Sally Eckman Roberts

“Hydrangeas” by Gail Flores

“Cardinal Beauty” by Susan Bourdet

“Pretty Pansies” by Jennifer Brinley

“Vintage Watering Can” by Sally Eckman Roberts

“Bluebonnet Dream” by Martha Collins

“Easter Beauty” by Gail Flores

“Planting Time” by Susan Winget

Like what you see? Let us know your favorite designs in the comments! If you’re registered on our website, click here to login and order Early Buy online! Happy shopping!

Early Buy Sneak Peek – Spring & Summer 2017

August 30, 2016

Can you believe it’s almost time for Spring and Summer Early Buy?! 2017 may seem far away, but with free freight and extended dating, Early Buy is the best time to buy flag collections for this upcoming Spring and Summer. Our Early Buy program is the best deal of the season, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to save big! The official kickoff is coming up on September 6th, so make sure you make an appointment with your Territory Manager and get those orders in before Early Buy ends on November 15th!

Without further ado, here is a sneak peek of what you’ll see when you receive your Early Buy catalog in the next few weeks! We hope you and your customers enjoy these beautiful designs as much as we do.

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Fancy Floral” by Jennifer Brinley

Yard DeSigns® Product Template

“Hummingbird Delight” by Susan Bourdet


“Mermaid” by Susan Winget


BreezeArt™ Standard Flag Product Template“Fresh Picked” by Sally Eckman Roberts


“Bunny Delight” by Lori McDonough

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Preppy Pineapple” by Suzanne Nicoll


“Herb Garden” by Stephanie Burgess

Yard DeSigns® Product Template

“Potted Geraniums” by Jennifer Brinley

BreezeArt™ Standard Flag Product Template

“Topiary Gate” by Mary Engelbreit


“Sweet Magnolias” by Patti Gay

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Hydrangeas” by Gail Flores


“”Big Boats” by Lori McDonough

Yard DeSigns® Product Template

“Dublin Fisted” by Sydney Wright

BreezeArt™ Standard Flag Product Template

“Spirit of Freedom” by Al Agnew


“Patriotic Tractor” by Susan Winget

Thanks for checking out some of our new Spring and Summer designs for 2017. Let us know in the comments if you have any favorites so far! 

Artist Feature: Stephanie Burgess

May 23, 2014

Meet Stephanie Burgess, the artist behind our Painted Peace collection! A former nurse, Stephanie embarked on a new career journey as an artist at age 50. She ditched her scrubs, picked up a paint brush, and never looked back. When she learned about Peace Poles for the first time, Stephanie was immediately drawn to their message, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” The Peace Pole Project inspired her to create her own style of beautifully unique Peace Poles. Since then Stephanie has created a variety of decorative poles with inspirational messaging and bold artwork.

Stephanie Burgess_Photos2

Stephanie Burgess Q&A

Get to know Stephanie and see some of the work she has done with us at Studio M!

Tell us about your family! Any pets?! 

Have an 11-year-old daughter, Izze, who is my Rock Star.  Izze actually helps me quite a bit with my art.  She is a talented, budding artist (of course I am biased, but…) She draws images that I might be having a tough time with, especially animals!  She does a bang-up job at drawing a great dog with floppy ears.  She is also much better at color than me, and I follow her lead 100% of the time when I am stumped.  And it always works. I have 2 Boston Terriers.  Stella, who is my angel – I got her when I was finishing up chemo for Breast Cancer in 2012.  Yup, she was – and is – my angel dog. She was a vital force for me and Izze at a time when we needed one. Stella never does anything wrong.  And then there is Gidget, my 6-month-old Boston who is the EXTREME opposite. She just finished eating my couch! Yup….my couch. Her nickname is “Gidget Piper” because she likes to chew on pillows, expose the piping and then pull it out like a big spaghetti noodle. Love puppies!!!!  But actually, my kid and my dogs are my life, except art of course.  BTW….I’m healthy and cancer free.  And that’s good because my color is so much better off of chemo.


Peace Poles

6′ and 4′ Peace Poles


How do you spend your Sundays?

I spend Sundays doing or thinking about ART.


What are your three favorite foods?

Hamburgers, pizza and pasta.  Good for my figure.


Are you obsessed with any one fashion item? (shoes, purses…)

I am absolutely obsessed with boots.  Big, tall, leather, EXPENSIVE boots.  I have 7 pair.  One for each day of the week.


20" Art Poles

20″ Art Poles


What are three words that best describe your Painted Peace products?

My art is colorful, unique and creative.


What are three words that best describe you?

I am colorful, unique and creative.  My art and I have a lot in common.  I think that’s why it works.


Is there a creative mind that inspires you? (artist, writer, poet…)

I’m inspired by John Lennon… used to do Peace Art way before “peace” was in and hip. I’m kinda an old ex-hippie. Much of my art is images with lyrics of his songs.”Imagine all the people, living life in peace….” was a BIG INSPIRATION for my initial efforts doing art. I started this art gig at 50 – I used to be a midwife and Labor and Delivery Nurse. Threw away my scrubs and pager, and picked up a painting brush. It was kind of a mid life transition. It’s working for me!!!!!



6′ Birdhouse Poles


Do you work from life, photographs, or your imagination?

I work from my imagination!


Do you listen to music when you create? If so, what?

I listen to all kinds of music – from opera to rap, from indie to blues….sky’s the limit. I listen carefully to what these artists have to say because many of them help me say what I want to say.  They’re the poets.


What’s your favorite thing about your studio?

My favorite thing about my studio is that it is right in my home. I’m home with my kid and my Boston’s.  Then I can make sure Gidget Piper is not eating my couch!


Thanks for reading :) I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the artist behind our Painted Peace collection! If you’re a retailer and would like to see more of Stephanie’s work, click here to shop!

Artist Feature: Tammy Smith

December 26, 2013

TammySmithDecember’s feature artist is the very talented Tammy Smith.

Her brand new Studio M collection, Patina, will be released in January, so we thought you’d like to get to know her a little bit better! Tammy’s ability to give character and life to a simple piece of wire is truly remarkable. Her handcrafted collection is full of beautifully unique home and garden décor that we can’t wait for everyone to see.

There are a few sneak peeks of the collection throughout the interview… we hope you enjoy!

Do you work from life, photographs, or your imagination?
Mostly my imagination, but once in awhile, I’ll need to reference a photo just to get started.

Tell us about your family! Any pets?
I have a husband and son who are both musicians. My son is graduating this year from high school, so we’ll probably be empty nesters next year… although that seems really weird to think about right now! And we have a Springer Spaniel named Lucky and a cat named Gary. My pets are both black-and-white, so people always comment on the fact that we have matching pets (and since we got them both the same day, that wasn’t a complete coincidence.)


Patina Drum Shade Chandelier

How do you spend your Sundays?
Sunday is my day off from working out, so I feel like I have more free time that day. Usually the day starts with something “bad” for breakfast, like cinnamon rolls, and we love watching CBS Sunday Morning. Then, I go to work in my studio–I tend to be always in the middle of an art project or assignment of some sort, and Sunday is no exception. Later in the day, we might visit one of our parents or take our time making something nice for dinner.

What are your three favorite foods?
Ice cream, ice cream, and then there’s ice cream…but seriously, if I had to add two more things it would be guacamole and cookies, not together of course!  (And that’s the reason I have to work out 6 days a week:)

Are you obsessed with any one fashion item? (shoes, purses…)
My obsession is with coats or jackets. I love vintage coats, and I even have a black, boiled wool midi/maxi coat from the 70s. I could have a different jacket for each day of the week and not mind it at all. Only problem would be fitting them in my closet!

Patina Birdhouse Baskets

Patina Birdhouse Baskets

What scent brings you back to your childhood?
What a great question that is…hmmm, I think it would be the smell of cookies baking because my mom was always making them. That’s probably who I inherited my sweet tooth from.

What are three words that best describe your Patina Collection?
Textural, whimsical, colorful.

What are three words that best describe you?
Introverted extrovert, LOLer, dancer wannabe.

Is there a creative mind that inspires you? (artist, writer, poet…)
One of my faves is Maxine Sutton, along with anyone who is in the St. Jude’s Gallery. They’re all amazing printmakers, seamstresses, artists, and makers.

Do you listen to music when you create? If so, what?
I listen to a mix of several Pandora stations with artists like Jakob Dylan, Broken Anchor, or Van Morrison. I also like listening to This American Life with Ira Glass.

Patina Garden Sculpture

Patina Garden Sculpture

Do you start with a sketch, paint, or a broad idea?
I start with a sketch and a broad idea, then usually can’t stop myself from doing a whole line plan of pieces or products. I LOVE creating coordinating ideas around a theme.

What’s your favorite thing about your studio?
I have two favorite things because I just remodeled my studio, and now I have a giant worktable and a seating nook. We took out a closet, made it a nook, and I bought these 2 fantastic velvet Hollywood Regency chairs and reupholstered them for the nook. So I’m no longer going to work in my studio, I’m just going to sit in one of those chairs all day.

Patina Hanging Baskets

Patina Hanging Baskets

Thanks for reading :) Let us know in the comments which piece is your favorite!  Also, check out Tammy’s DrinkBlots coaster deck here

To see more of what’s coming in January from Studio M, click here.

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