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Help Us “Spread the Hope” During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September 9, 2011

I remember when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a terrifying moment five years ago. Everything I thought I knew went out the window. I was just plain scared. But I was fortunate in so many ways. Not only was my cancer caught early, but I also had a strong support group of family, friends and co-workers who helped give me the strength, courage, and hope that I would need to get through it.

Cathy Gigliotti, designer of the Magnet Works Hope Flag

Here I am with the flag on display at the Atlanta Gift Show.

I learned the power of that support first hand. So when I was asked to design a flag in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, I was thrilled to help others show they care and to help raise money for the cause.

Since Magnet Works launched the Hope flag in January 2011, we’ve raised over $12,000 for breast cancer treatment, prevention, and education! Thanks to over 600 retailers and thousands of consumers, we’ve already made an impact.

But we’re not done yet!

With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we’re aiming to double our contribution and truly “Spread the Hope” across the country.

Now through the month of September, when Magnet Works retailers purchase $75 or more of our “Hope” flags, they will receive one free standard-sized “Hope” flag to fly in their store during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Our goal is not just to raise more money, but also to give retailers a way to “Spread the Hope” to people in their communities who are fighting breast cancer.

We’re challenging all of our retailers to place an order (or reorder) of the Hope flag, hang the flag at their store through October, and send a picture of the flag flying at their store to All participating retailers who submit photos will be featured on our website and Facebook Page.

Hope Flag at Wild Birds Unlimited in Oakville, MO

Hope Flag on display at Wild Birds Unlimited in Oakville, MO.

I am personally grateful to all of those fighting the battle against breast cancer in whatever capacity, and I’m encouraged by the support shown by our retailers. It gives me continued hope that this battle will be won.

I hope you’ll join our effort to “Spread the Hope” to everyone dealing with breast cancer in your community.

If you’re a Magnet Works retailer, click here to login and order some Hope flags in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

If you’re a retailer who’s new to Magnet Works, register here or call our Customer Service Department at (800) 886-3121.

If you are not a retailer and would like to buy a Hope flag, you can find retailers who are selling the Hope flag here.

Thanks to all of you who join us in the fight! Never lose hope!

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