About Us

Magnet Works is a family-owned manufacturer of outdoor home decor products based in St. Louis, MO since 1989.

At Magnet Works, we celebrate the bold and enterprising spirit of independent retailers with quality products, amazing designs, and incomparable customer service. We understand the competitive pressures you face, and that’s why every product we offer and every minute of personal customer service is wholly geared toward meeting your needs. Our first priority is to keep you competitive.

That’s part of the reason that we started this blog. We’ll be posting here weekly in an effort to help support independent retailers and small businesses by sharing what we’ve learned from our own business experience. In addition to some helpful information, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Magnet Works works, and we’ll share some content just for the fun of it.

Contributors to our blog will include:

  • Tammy Hickel – Tammy will share her wealth of knowledge about sales, marketing and merchandising practices that can help improve your business.  As our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tammy works with Retailers and Sales Reps across the country to maximize sales and service opportunities. If you’ve visited our corporate showroom in Atlanta, you’ve seen examples of her merchandising talent. She retired from Nordstrom as VP Southeast Regional Manager after a successful 23-year career which included positions in buying, merchandising and management.
  • Curt and Sue Todd – Together they’ve taken Magnet Works from a small project in the basement of my childhood home to a national leader in outdoor décor that employs 45 people and operates in a 50,000 square foot warehouse. They’ll share some of the lessons they’ve learned along the way.
  • Mike Todd – Mike is new to the gift industry, new to our family business, and new to the business world altogether. He was hired to coordinate online marketing projects at Magnet Works, so he’ll primarily share what he knows and what I learns about email, social media, and search engine marketing as Magnet Works dives into these arenas for the first time.
  • Other Employees – As our blog grows out of infancy, you’ll start to hear from a variety of other Magnet Works employees who specialize in customer service, human resources, graphic design, and more.
  • Guests – We welcome guest bloggers – retailers, fellow vendors/manufacturers, and other leaders in the gift industry. If you are interested in contributing to our blog, please send an email to mike.todd@magnetworks.com.

Blogs are great tools for creating conversation and sharing ideas. If you ever have any questions or comments, I strongly encourage you to share them here! Please don’t hesitate to add your two cents or ask any questions. You can do so by writing in the comments section below our posts. Also, if there’s anything I can do to help you, just shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

One Response to “About Us”

  1. Part II Americasmart-Magnet Works! | Multiple Blessings Says:

    […] serving up more yumminess. So nice to visit with other artists…old and new.  And so nice of Magnet Works to host this event… Thank you, thank you Magnet Works! more Atlanta recap tomorrow… […]

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