Sneak Peek – Fall & Winter 2017 Early Buy


The best deal of the season returns on March 1st! It’s time to plan ahead and take advantage of big savings on new Fall & Winter products during Early Buy – but hurry, it won’t last long! Early Buy ends May 15th.

Early Buy offers you a chance to easily transition through the seasons, improve cash flow, and save big with free freight & extended dating. Featuring the best artwork in the industry, our 55 beautiful new flag collections will wow your customers! Get a preview of some of our new designs below, and click here to make an appointment with your Territory Manager so you don’t miss out on Early Buy!


BreezeArt™ Standard Flag Product Template

“Nose to Nose” by Susan Winget [90132]

“Autumn Wreath” by Gail Flores [00102]

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag Product Template

“Winter Splendor” by Jane Shasky [30116]

Yard DeSigns®

“It’s Cold Outside” by Mary Lake-Thompson [70146]

“Fall Mason Jars” by Susan Winget [10112]

Yard DeSigns®

“Autumn Bike Ride” by Tina Ledbetter [70101]

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag

“Christmas on the Farm” by Susan Winget [10122]

“Poinsettia with Pine Cones” by Gail Flores [00128]

BreezeArt™ Standard Flag

“Floral Owl” by Jennifer Brinley 90107

Yard DeSigns®

“Apples Galore” by Susan Winget [70106]

“Ready for Fall” by Sally Eckman Roberts [10113]

BreezeArt™ Garden Flag

“Just Chillin'” by Susan Winget [30154]

“Pumpkin Wagon” by Susan Winget [00111]

BreezeArt™ Standard Flag

“Thankful Turkey” by Travis Spencer [90149]

“Skeleton Halloween” by Laura Freeman [10142]

Actual size template for product layout.

“Support the Blue” by Tim Coffey [30120]

All net profits from the sale of this special “Support the Blue” design will be donated to The Backstoppers Education Fund. This fund will ensure that children of police officers and other first responders who have fallen in the line of duty will have access to financial resources to pursue educational opportunities. To learn more about The Backstoppers, Inc. click here.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to give you a sneak peek of our new State of the Heart Localization Program!

This unique, customizable collection features BreezeArt garden flags and MatMates designs for all 50 states! Choose from 22 different color combinations, customize the location of the heart, and localize the garden flag with the name of your state or city. The possibilities are endless with this exciting new program! Find more details in your Early Buy catalog when it arrives in just a few weeks!

Thanks for checking out some of our new designs for Fall and Winter 2017. Let us know in the comments if you have any favorites! 

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