Here We Grow… Again!



After just five years we outgrew our 5th building and have just recently settled into a new one. We didn’t have to go too far – Magnet Works’ new home is just up the road! We are thrilled about this new space and the room it gives us to expand.


It took a lot of prep work and planning to make everything go smoothly, but once the first moving trucks arrived, everything was ready to go! Everyone pitched in and worked hard to make sure we could stay on track with orders as we moved the company. If that wasn’t enough of a challenge, we even managed to pull off a record month in the midst of all the commotion!!


Just about six months ago, we started construction on the interior of our new building. It was completely empty, so we got to design the entire layout to meet our specific needs. This was an extremely exciting opportunity. We had never been able to start from a blank canvas like that before.


The process started back in March when we hired Arcturis, a local St. Louis architecture and design firm. They worked very closely with us to determine our needs and find a layout and design that would fit the culture of Magnet Works.


One of the biggest changes? No more cubes, no more offices. We opted for an open concept layout, which allows for a better flow of communication, increased efficiency… and we get to see a lot more of each other’s smiling faces :)


In the front of the building, each department has its own pod – one for the ladies of Customer Care, one for our Administration team, and one for us crazy Marketing & Product Development kids. In the back, the Shipping team is set up between the Assembly and Production departments, all within an open floor plan.


Last, but certainly not least, our Warehouse and Shopping teams have double the square footage to work with.


I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this new setup is awesome. The aim was to break down barriers, and we did just that. Our break room/lunch area was intentionally placed at the heart of our space, because community is what’s most important to us.


There are a lot of fantastic things about the new building – the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven being high on everyone’s list of favorites, I’m sure.  (Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies at work?!) We also have a new quiet room with a cozy couch and chair where you can go to curl up and take a little break. Another personal favorite are the dry-erase walls. Instead of white wipe-off boards, we have three walls painted floor-to-ceiling with a special coat of clear dry-erase paint. They look like any other wall in the building, but you can write directly on them! Perfect for brainstorming :)


Our new space also has TONS of natural light! We chose our interior lighting very carefully, steering clear of harshly tinted lights. The idea was to enhance all the existing natural light, not compete with it. There are lots of huge windows that provide a pretty great view. No complaints here :)



Being an outdoor décor company, we wanted our space to reflect natural elements. We tried to bring the outdoors in with a color palette of greens, blues, and yellows. We even have carpet that looks like grass!


A good amount of our furniture – conference tables, lunch tables, etc. – was created for us by a local, independent company called Mwanzi. Each piece was handcrafted using locally harvested or reclaimed wood and has a natural finish, so they’re a perfect fit for our new space.


Photo: Mwanzi CO.

We decided to let the building speak for itself. The rafters are exposed and the cement floors are only lightly polished. It’s not flashy or pristine, but instead has a simple, casual feel to it that reflects Magnet Works’ personality. Almost all of the décor in our new building was made in-house. We have a mailbox wall in the break room where we display seasonal MailWraps, our structural support columns are wrapped to look like giant Art Poles, miniature Gypsy Gardens are scattered around the office, and more art is going up on the walls every day!


This has been such an exciting time for everyone here at Magnet Works, and we’re so happy we get to share the experience with you through our blog! I hope you enjoyed this little tour :)


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12 Responses to “Here We Grow… Again!”

  1. joanbeiriger Says:

    Congrats to everyone at Magnet Works on moving into your new building that you designed yourself! What a wonderful working environment were everyone from shipping to administrators will be in contact with each other all day long. Enjoy!!! Joan

  2. Maaike Says:

    Wow! What an awesome new space you have! I love reading about the “inner workings” of companies – thanks so much for sharing. :)

  3. Kimberly Montgomery Says:

    A really beautiful space. Congratulations.
    (Can I have a job? The fresh cookies are too good to pass up.)

  4. aaron Says:

    It’s a wonderful space. Congratulations!

  5. Maura Lodes Says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! We love our new space :)

  6. Cheryl Chiecsek Anthony Says:

    Sue and Curt—congratulations
    on your continued success!

  7. Becky Schultea Says:

    The care and detail and love you put into the space speaks volumes about how you treasure your employees and and foster communication and creativity…what a great model for any business!! Much success and joy to y’all as you enjoy your amazing new digs!

  8. Sandy Laipply Says:

    Congrats on the new space! It looks like a wondeful place to create fabulous products!

  9. Shelly Averill Says:

    How exciting! The whole design speaks volumes of how awesome the entire company is operated. We wish you continued success at your new home.

  10. Kathy Weller Says:

    This is AMAZING. Congratulations!!!

  11. Roni Vleminckx Says:

    Roni Vleminckx @ It’s About Thyme. Congratulations on you new building. Love your products! Keep up the GREAT work.

  12. Mackenzie's Says:

    You deserve every bit of it! Continued success!

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