Spring/Summer 2014 Catalog Sneak Peek


It’s that time again.. another catalog is just around the corner, and there is so much to look forward to!

Keep an eye out for what’s NEW:

  • 57 four-piece seasonal collections
  • 42 Print On Demand MatMates
  • 21 Oversize MailWraps
  • 12 three-piece Localization collections
  • And 2 vibrant new monogram designs!

As you flip through this season’s catalog, you’ll notice a larger offering of coastal and spring/summer holiday designs. We love them all and hope you and your customers will enjoy as well!

Take a look at some of our new designs below!

Par for the Course by Robbin Rawlings

“Par for the Course” by Robbin Rawlings #92043

Making Friends by Robbin Rawlings

“Making Friends” by Robbin Rawlings #02017

Patriotic Pail by Susan Winget

“Patriotic Pail” by Susan Winget #92039

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes by Scott Church

“A Hundred Thousand Welcomes” by Scott Church #12024

Scoops of Summer by Jennifer Brinley

“Scoops of Summer” by Jennifer Brinley #92040

Bless Yer Heart by Michael Mullan

“Bless Yer Heart” by Michael Mullan #12053

Chevron Monogram by Lynn Morris

“Chevron Monogram” by Lynn Morris #32114M

Sunny Welcome by Stephanie Burgess

“Sunny Welcome” by Stephanie Burgess #02034

Rose Cottage Wrens by Susan Bourdet

“Rose Cottage Wrens” by Susan Bourdet #32018

Boutique Butterflies by Tim Coffey

“Boutique Butterflies” by Tim Coffey #12004

Home by Susan Black

“Home” by Susan Black #02011

True Blue by Sally Eckman Roberts

“True Blue” by Sally Eckman Roberts #12046

Fancy Flamingo by Maret Hensick

“Fancy Flamingo” by Maret Hensick #02055

Who Loves You? by Scott Church

“Who Loves You?” by Scott Church #32022

We are so excited about our new Localization designs by Robin Pickens! Each of these designs is customizable with the name of your town, state, or favorite local destination. Here’s a sample!

Ocean Crab by Robin Pickens

“Ocean Crab” by Robin Pickens #36835D (Shown Localized)

Palm Sunset by Robin Pickens

“Palm Sunset” by Robin Pickens #06844D (Shown Localized)

Eat Grow Love by Robin Pickens

“Eat Grow Love” by Robin Pickens #16840D (Shown Localized)

Beach Living by Robin Pickens

“Beach Living” by Robin Pickens #36843D (Shown Localized)

Catalogs will be arriving within the next few weeks, so you’ll soon be able to see the rest of our new designs and start planning your Early Buy orders!

Let us know which designs you’re excited about in the comments below! Stay tuned for more info about our Early Buy program!

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4 Responses to “Spring/Summer 2014 Catalog Sneak Peek”

  1. Tonya Fetters Rich Says:

    LOVE Sunny Welcome and Patriotic Pail!

  2. Belinda Moss Says:

    Favorite are Rose Cottage Wrens, Sunny Welcome and Patriotic Pail

  3. Paula Mullins Says:

    Making Friends, Patriotic Pail, But OH SUNNY WELCOME is my new love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kathleen Swenson Says:

    Love the Lynn Morris “M”. Great colors and eye-catching design.

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