Top 10 Early Buy Best Sellers – Fall/Winter 2013


Fall/Winter Early Buy ends June 5th!

So if you haven’t placed your order(s) yet, now’s the time! To help you make any last minute decisions, we’ve pulled together a Top 10 list of best selling Early Buy collections. Scroll down to see which designs (listed alphabetically) are topping the charts.

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Autumn Lantern Collection

Autumn Lantern Collection by Diane Arthurs
(09331, 19331, 39331, 79331, 99331)

Birdhouse Santa Collection

Birdhouse Santa Collection by Susan Winget
(05013, 15013, 35013, 75013, 95013)

Fall Basket Collection

Fall Basket Collection by Susan Winget
(05002, 15002, 35002, 75002, 95002)

Fall Favorites Collection

Fall Favorites Collection by Sally Eckman Roberts
(07941, 17941, 37941, 77941, 97941)

Fall Flowers Collection

Fall Flowers Collection by Sally Eckman Roberts
(07940, 17940, 37940, 77940, 97940)

Halloween Owl Collection

Halloween Owl Collection by Jennifer Brinley
(02770, 12770, 32770, 72770, 92770)

Halloween Treat Collection

Halloween Treat Collection by Anne Tavoletti
(06354, 16354, 36354, 76354, 96354)

Winter Basket Collection

Winter Basket Collection by Susan Winget
(05001, 15001, 35001, 75001, 95001)

Winter Box Welcome Collection

Winter Box Welcome Collection by Susan Winget
(05000, 15000, 35000, 75000, 95000)

Winter Feeder Collection

Winter Feeder Collection by Susan Bourdet
(05973, 15973, 35973, 75973, 95973)

Which new design do you think will be the best seller this Fall/Winter season? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 Responses to “Top 10 Early Buy Best Sellers – Fall/Winter 2013”

  1. Goodspeed's Station country store Says:

    They are all great!

  2. Dustin Says:

    I’m thinking the Winter Feeder Collection will be my best seller.

  3. Dianna Cotie DonFrancisco Says:

    I love “Birdhouse Santa Collection”

  4. Anne Tavoletti Says:

    WOW! I made the top ten list!!! So grateful!!!!! :)

  5. Sandy eiffert Says:

    Winter feeder

  6. Marcella Goodwin Says:

    I have sold many flags from Magnet Works and they are all beautiful. Best seller? Probably “Winter Feeder.” Personally, my favorite is Autumn Lantern, such subtle beauty.

  7. anahi2012 Says:

    The Fall is such a beautiful time of year…Thank you for sharing these…

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