Early Buy Sneak Peek – Spring/Summer 2013 (part 2)


Let the sneak peeks continue!

We’re all very excited to debut our new Pets Unleashed collection by Ginger Oliphant!

Ginger Oliphant

Ginger Oliphant with Lofa, who turns 6 on Halloween!

In the new Spring/Summer 2013 catalog, we’ll introduce 36 designs for BreezeArt garden flags and MatMates. These bright, colorful designs are sure to tug at your heartstrings and put a smile on your face. As Anne our product developer would say, they’re just too cute for words! :)

Ginger sums up the collection perfectly:

“The bond we develop with our dogs is deep, perhaps because they have been our friends, workmates, helpers, and confidantes for centuries. They’ve somehow come to understand us and provide inspiration, motivation, and wisdom. In this collection, I work hard to pair words of wisdom and inspiration with just the right dog to help bring the words to life.”

– Ginger Oliphant

Take a look – here’s just a handful of her great new designs. Enjoy!

Big Deal (39010D)

Big Deal (39010D)

Time to Play (19031D)

Time to Play (19031D)

Nine Cats (39013D)

Nine Cats (39013D)

Love Shared (19027D)

Love Shared (19027D)

Dog Is My Heart (39034D)

Dog Is My Heart (39034D)

Need Each Other (39021D)

Need Each Other (39021D)

Bite Off More (19011D)

Bite Off More (19011D)

Good Home (39015D)

Good Home (39015D)

There’s plenty more where that came from! Stay tuned…the catalogs will be delivered to our retailers this week and next.

Do you have a dog or cat? In the comments, share a bit of wisdom that he or she taught you? Feel free to get creative ;) Or just let us know what you think of our new designs!

And in case you missed it, check out our first sneak peek post for Spring Summer 2013!

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8 Responses to “Early Buy Sneak Peek – Spring/Summer 2013 (part 2)”

  1. Liz Baumgart Says:

    Too cute. I love that they are graphical and not realistic. Don’t have to worry about the dog looking like our customer’s dog exactly!

  2. Georgia Says:

    I love the artwork and the phrases! It looks like you have a lot of good hits for the upcoming season. Wish I could get them right now!
    P.S. More cats please.

  3. mia Says:

    Love it !! More cats. PLEASE !!

  4. Nancy Kauffman Says:

    Thank goodness for pet items. I know, like many other pet lovers,my pets are truly my heart, and Ginger gets that!

  5. beverlydyer Says:

    Precious! Pets make our lives complete! Nothing like a purring cat or cold dog nose to cheer one up!!

  6. Dianne Woods Says:

    Great design, wonderful imagery. More cats please!

  7. Jill Flynne Says:

    Where can we submit designs for these lines? I hear you need cats and irises which I have and have been selling like hotcakes as shower curtains.

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