9 Ways to Give Your Store a Spring Makeover


Flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and grass is greening. Spring is officially here, and people are eager to start their spring shopping! So just like at home, it’s time for spring cleaning in our stores.

Here are nine steps you can take to give your store a spring makeover and help you get ready for those excited spring shoppers:

  1. Make Needed Repairs – With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you probably have some dents, dings, and broken things that could use your attention. Check your walls, doorways, flooring, windows, light fixtures, casework, and displays. Does anything need to be repaired? Now is the time!
  2. Apply Elbow Grease – A little elbow grease goes along way! Consider setting aside a late opening,an early close, a full day, or more if possible for some deep cleaning of all the surfaces in your store. Thoroughly clean all the counters, display tables, desks, and don’t forget the high and low dusting! Scrub the floors and professionally clean the carpets. If you need extra help, enlist your employees, family, and/or friends to help with your mini makeover.
  3. Pick Up the Clutter – Stand in front of your cash wrap area and take a look at what your customers see.  Is it clean and organized?Or is it loaded with taped notes, empty boxes, and other random stuff? Clear away the clutter and replace it with appropriate merchandise. Then, repeat this routine at each of your store’s entryways.
  4. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint – Make a big impact with a small amount of money by choosing a focus wall in your store and painting it a striking new color – perhaps Tangerine Tango, just one of several must have colors this Spring.  This can give your store a burst of energy and a fresh backdrop to show off all of your spring merchandise.
  5. Out with the Old – Pack up the leftover essentials from last season and store them if you must, but I generally find it’s better to clear out the wintery leftovers with a Last Chance Sale and to re-invest those dollars. Unlike fine wine, merchandise rarely gets better with age. Plus, warmer weather drives excited spring shoppers to your store, so place your emphasis on fresh spring inventory. It’s much more likely to make that register ring!
  6. Keeping it “New” – Put a fresh new face on your  carry-over merchandise.  Remove old price stickers, and replace any worn or torn packaging. Many times the manufacturer will make extra packaging available through Customer Service.   By mixing this product in with all your fresh spring receipts, you will be amazed how something old can take on a whole “new” look.
  7. Make it Unique – Break apart product packs to customize your merchandise. Combine coordinating items together and add a colorful ribbon and tag to give it a fresh new look.
  8. Refresh Your Displays – Continually change up your product assortments and locations. Color-themed displays make a big impact. Brainstorm ways to repurpose colors from past seasons or holidays. For example, you could mix your red and hot pink basics from Valentine’s Day with yellow and bright orange for a more spring-relevant Boho look. While you’re at it, why not give your displays some spice by adding freshly potted spring blooms?
  9. Think Outside the Box – When it comes to display fixtures, simple everyday items can add a creative flair to your store with minimal investment.  Melinda Shaw at Melinda’s Fine Gifts in Picayune, MS turned shiny, new garbage cans upside-down and added a glass topper to create fabulous table displays.  Melinda then uses the garbage can lids to hang wind chimes and other items from the ceiling. If you need additional display ideas and inspiration, check out the Retail Details blog.

By setting aside time to repair, refresh, and remerchandise, you’ll be more able to keep your focus on serving customers and helping them make fabulous spring purchases. Best of luck to you and happy spring!

What is your spring cleaning routine like? How do you like to make a spring statement in your store? Let me know in the comments!

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