NEW: Magnet Works Expressions


I’m thrilled to introduce three NEW Magnet Works artists – Kelly Rae Roberts, Caroline Simas, and Lisa Kaus.

Faith Cross by Caroline Simas

Featured in GiftShop Magazine's "Trending Up" - Winter 2012 Issue

We’ve put together 18 inspirational designs, called Expressions, that showcase their beautiful artwork. The designs are available on our BreezeArt® garden flags, MatMates™ mat inserts, and Yard DeSigns® magnetic yard art.

The new designs feature messages of faith, hope, and inspiration. Their bright, fun color palate adds a new dimension to our Magnet Works line and is sure to attract new customers to any retail shop.

It is such a blessing for me to work with these women and to share their beautiful artwork. If you would like to browse their designs, click on one of their collections:

Messages of Hope” by Kelly Rae Roberts

Live Life” by Lisa Kaus

Rooted in Faith” by Caroline Simas

It was great to meet each of these new artists in person at the January 2012 Atlanta Market. Here are some pics we took in our showroom with them, and some thoughts from the artists themselves:

Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly Rae Roberts with Anne Brown

Kelly Rae Roberts (right) with our new director of product development, Anne Brown, standing in front of our Expressions display at the Atlanta Market.

“When we’re in the center of ourselves – often in our gardens, surrounded by beauty – we can truly listen to our lives and what is calling us. My hope is that this collection inspires you to take those quiet moments in the garden to breathe just a little deeper, dream just a little bigger, and find joy in unexpected places.”

-Kelly Rae Roberts

A sampling of Kelly Rae’s designs:

A sampling of designs by Kelly Rae Roberts

Lisa Kaus

Lisa Kaus

Lisa Kaus (left) standing with me in front of our Expressions display at the Atlanta Market.

“My creative process is akin to nurturing a garden. Just like seeds take hold and develop into a glorious garden, I have bits and pieces of thoughts scattered about that turn into a finished piece of art. Like digging your hands into the dirt, I want to dig into my old and new treasures, fingers full of paint and glue, – losing myself in creative bliss.”

-Lisa Kaus

A sampling of Lisa’s designs:

Designs by Lisa Kaus on BreezeArt Garden flags

Caroline Simas

Caroline Simas

Caroline Simas (left) with me, standing next to Caroline’s Faith Cross design at the Atlanta Market. There is a touching story that inspired this artwork and you can read about it here.

“Inspired by my love of flowers and my faith, each piece in this collection contains floral elements and inspirational words, which remind us to be ‘rooted in faith.’ My hope is that they will bring you joy and blessings and remind you that each day is a gift from God.”

-Caroline Simas

A sampling of Caroline’s designs:

A sampling of designs be Caroline Simas

6 Responses to “NEW: Magnet Works Expressions”

  1. mary wilcox Says:

    Love them all and the inspiration that comes with each one

  2. Louise Weidler Says:

    These are beautiful!

  3. Katrina Stevenson Says:

    Great new designs by talented artist!

  4. betsy Says:

    Two Sisters, Mifflintown, Pa

    We have great success in our store selling your products. This new look is a great addition to your already fab designs.

  5. Expressions-Rooted in Faith collection | Multiple Blessings Says:

    […] about our partnership on their site recently  and shared some fun photos.  You can see it all here. Remember if you’re in Charlotte…there are several of these garden itemsleft for sale […]

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