Save Your Business from Facebook Doom – Turn Your Profile into a Page


Picture of Facebook's Profile to Business Page Migration ToolI’ve noticed many independent retailers in our industry are marketing on Facebook to improve sell-through and bring new foot traffic into their stores. This is awesome! But many retailers I’ve seen are in violation of Facebook’s terms because they are using a “Profile” to market their store instead of a business “Page.” So in this post, I explain how switching your Profile to a business Page will improve your social marketing impact and save your business from Facebook doom.

How do you know whether your business is using a Profile or a Page? If customers connect with your business on Facebook by clicking “Like,” then your business has a Page. If customers connect with your business by clicking “Add Friend,” then your business has a Profile, and it’s time to switch to a Page.

Here are 5 reasons you should make the switch:

  1. Business is to Page as Person is to Profile – For starters, profiles on Facebook were developed for people, rather than for businesses. In fact, it is against Facebook terms to maintain a personal profile for anything other than an individual person. If Facebook finds out your business is using a personal Profile, it’s possible that they could delete your profile, and all your hard work would be for naught, so make the switch before it’s too late!
  2. Friend Limit – A profile can have a maximum of 5,000 friends, while a Page can have an unlimited amount of Likes or “fans.” With a Page, there’s no limit to the number of potential customers with whom you can connect!
  3. Many vs. One – Facebook only allows one Profile per person, but you can be an administrator for multiple Pages, and each Page can have multiple administrators. In other words, if you open a 2nd business location and create a new Page for it, you can be the administrator for both your original Page and your new Page at the same time. You can also share the workload of maintaining your Page(s) with your business partner or with designated employees by making them administrators too.
  4. Awesome Tools for Pages Only – Facebook Pages were developed with businesses in mind, so they are packed with tools to help you better market your business. With Pages, you get detailed analytics or “Insights” that help you measure your Facebook marketing success by tracking your impressions, likes, comments, etc. You get valuable demographic data that will teach you a bit about who your Facebook audience is. Plus, you’ll be able to use Facebook Deals, which can help you, reward customer loyalty and attract new foot traffic to your store. To use Deals, you’ll need to claim your “place” on Facebook Places first. This video from SnapRetail explains how.
  5.  You Won’t Break a Sweat – You should switch your Profile to a Page because it’s now easier than ever. With Facebook’s migration tool, all of your confirmed friends will automatically be converted to people who “like” your new Page, and your profile pictures and profile URL (i.e. will be migrated as well.

WARNING: Apart from your friends, profile pictures, and Facebook URL, all other content from your Profile (i.e. photo albums, profile information, wall posts, etc.) will NOT be migrated, so I’d suggest that you download your profile information before making the switch. If you don’t, all of that data will be lost.

The benefits of Facebook Insights (analytics) and Deals alone far outweigh the few inconveniences associated with the migration. Plus, your business profile is at risk of being deleted anyway, so I strongly encourage you to make the switch. Best of luck!

If you have any questions about this Profile-to-business-Page conversion process, please feel free to post them in the comments. Have you made the switch already? How did it go? I look forward to hearing from you!

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