Fall & Winter Early Buy Program Benefits


Order Now, Ship Later, Save Big!

I know many of you are just brushing off the last remnants of winter, and now it appears our anxiously awaited Spring has jumped straight into Summer temperatures. Yet, Fall-Winter Early Buy Catalog Coverit’s time to push your retail purchasing clock forward and take advantage of great savings with our Fall-Winter Early Buy Program running through June 15, 2011.

Throughout our new Fall-Winter Early Buy eCatalog you will find 43 beautiful new collections from the most talented and recognized artists in the industry. In addition, we have highlighted 35 of last year’s best-selling collections for an encore performance. Altogether, that’s over 40 pages of product that will excite your most discriminating flag customer and capture the eyes of new shoppers!

Why take advantage of our Early Buy Program?

  • First-of-the-Season Delivery – Place an Early Buy order and get “first-of-the-season” delivery beginning with July 1st shipments of industry leading BreezeArt® premium flags, MatMates™ interchangeable mats, MailWraps® mailbox covers and Yard DeSigns® magnetic yard art. (All orders must ship by September 30, 2011.)
  • Free Freight on Product – All orders totaling $500 or more receive free freight – not just for lightweight product, but also for hardware and all the heavyweights!
  • Multi-Tier Dating Program – Stretch your dollars further by taking advantage of our 60 and 90 day dating programs that are ONLY offered during Early Buy – Net 60 dating on orders totaling $1500 or more and Net 90 on orders totaling $3000 or more.
  • Multiple Orders and Deliveries – Our Early Buy Program allows you to combine multiple orders and ship dates to qualify for the greatest incentive. This gives you an opportunity to sell your inventory before your first invoice comes due! Write two $250 orders and each would receive Free Freight. Write three $500 orders and each would receive Free Freight and Net 60 dating.  Three $1000 orders or even six $500 orders would earn you Free Freight and Net 90 on each delivery! Now that’s what I call making your money work hard for you!
  • Hundreds of Designs to Shop – We don’t limit you to just the designs in our Early Buy Catalog. Choose from over 250 designs shown in our January 2011 catalog! Only Clearance designs are excluded.

So don’t delay! Take advantage of great Early Buy savings on brand new designs for Fall and Winter. You can place an order by calling 1(800) 886-3121, or you can check out our Fall-Winter Early Buy eCatalog and our entire product offering at www.magnetworks.com.

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