Summer – The Forgotten Season in Outdoor Decor


Surf, Sand, & Summer Garden Flag by Magnet WorksJust when you thought spring was never going to arrive, temperatures around the country are starting to climb. Now, believe it or not, summer is just around the corner with its official opening day on June 21.

Don’t miss out on additional volume opportunities that the summer season can bring. Traditional spring pastels and bright sherbet florals should expand to make room for the boldness of Geraniums, Sunflowers, and Hydrangeas. Summer icons like Watermelon Slices, Flip FlopsSlice of Summer MailWraps by Magnet Works and Ladybugs welcome soaring temperatures and offer your customers an additional fresh palette of color and design. And while any time is a great time to show your Red, White and Blue, don’t forget to stock up on patriotic designs for 4th of July and Labor Day.

Unlike the second half of the year, which is chock full of seasonal holidays that keep your inventory varied, Flip Flops MatMate by Magnet Worksspring and summer are many times mistakenly lumped into one season. Don’t fall short of your volume expectations with a one-size-fits-all order. Refresh your inventory with a summer order that will keep your designs current and your register ringing right into fall.

What do you do to get the most out of the summer themes and categories in your store? Share your thoughts and ask any questions you might have for me in the comments section below. If you’d like to view more of our summer themed designs, click here.

Tammy Hickel is VP of Sales and Marketing at Magnet Works, Ltd. She will be a regular contributor here on the Magnet Works Blog

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2 Responses to “Summer – The Forgotten Season in Outdoor Decor”

  1. Becky Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Our customers appreciate a variety of themes and styles for summer. Starting in June and going into August our customers buy designs with bolder, richer colors.

    • Tammy Hickel Says:

      Thanks for your feedback Becky. It’s great to hear that your customers are ready for a new flag choice for Summer, especially as your customers are located all over the country! Do you see a big difference in selection geographically?

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