Magnet Works Pays Tribute to “The Moms”


There aren’t many companies where a whole department is unofficially referred to as “The Moms”. But at Magnet Works it’s “The Moms” who have for many years assembled, packaged, inspected, shipped, and shopped every product that leaves our building.

"The Moms" Working in the Assembly Room

Some of "The Moms" in the Assembly Room

Magnet Works was started over 20 years ago as a home-based business. At that time our only product was a magnetic mailbox cover we had invented called MailWraps®. The first “moms” to come help out were my mom, Colleen and my husband Curt’s mom, Martha. Every day, we would attach magnets to MailWraps®, package them in polybags and staple header cards to them, box them up and ship them to stores around the country. It was the perfect situation for me to have both our moms there to help with the business and make my son his lunch or put him down for his nap if I was busy taking an order. My kids were able to come home from school and often get to see both of their grandmas.

My mom and my husband's mom at the Magnet Works Christmas Party

The "First Moms" of Magnet Works - my mom, Colleen (left), and my husband's mom, Martha (right). They're retired now, but have a lifetime invitation to the Magnet Works Christmas Party, which is kind of a big deal. ;)

But soon there was too much for the three of us to handle, and it was time to hire some help. I put the word out in carpool lines, at Boy Scout meetings, soccer games, and other school events. I hoped that I would be able to find moms like me who would want to work during the day while their kids were in school. And that is exactly what happened. It wasn’t long before orders were being filled and shipped by “moms” from my kids’ school. Most of them would come to my house after they dropped their kids off in the morning and work until it was time to pick them up. The flexible hours gave them the opportunity to attend a field trip with their kids or stay home with them if they were sick.

As our business grew, so did the number of “moms” who were coming to work each day. Soon we moved from the basement to an office/warehouse. By now, word had spread, and there were several moms who called to join our assembly team. We kept a calendar by the assembly tables and asked them to sign up for the days they planned to be there. It was the perfect situation for all of us.

For almost twenty years, we’ve been working this business model. We’ve shared many of the joys and challenges of motherhood around the assembly tables. We’ve seen pictures of each other’s kids from their first day at kindergarten to their graduation from high school. And now pictures of weddings and grandchildren are the pride and joy of many. Our company has grown to over 40 employees (men and women, single and married, with and without children). We have added flags, address signs, as well as indoor and outdoor mats to the Magnet Works product offerings. We have established a business reputation of high quality and customer satisfaction. And we owe much of it to “the moms” who treat every item we ship as if it were going to their own homes or families.

And so, I want to extend a very special “Happy Mother’s Day” to the moms at Magnet Works – you are wonderful employees, mothers and grandmothers – to my own “moms”, Colleen and Martha for all your love and support as mothers, grandmas and the “first moms” of Magnet Works, and to all the moms who read this blog.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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3 Responses to “Magnet Works Pays Tribute to “The Moms””

  1. Enid Harris Says:

    Hello Sue, What a great tribute to all the MOMS at your work place. I especially like to hear from my friend Martha for timely updates.

  2. Marilou Says:

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, but before end I am reading this wonderful piece of writing to increase
    my knowledge.

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